Whiter Image

Teeth Whitening Kit  – $100

Whiter Image:  Patented technology for unmatched comfort and results!

The Whiter Image Teeth Whitening Kit includes the proprietary, instant-impression mouthpiece that eliminates pre-treatment delay & hassle. Plus it’s vented to relax breathing and unmatched comfort during treatment. Best of all, our proprietary 12% Hydrogen Peroxide gel is safe for sensitive teeth and delivers the premium whitening results you want! The Whiter Image Kit includes one custom bite tray, four syringes of the whitening gel, four syringe tips and one tray container.

TOGO Pen – $20

Whiten Wherever you Are!

Chic-Flic TOGO Teeth Whitening & Lip Gloss Plumper All-in-One – $28

Mini LED Light & Mirror for Easy Application!