IV Conscious Sedation

Many people do not seek dental care because they have experienced an unfavorable visit in the past or have an innate fear of the thought of dental care in general. We can identify with these fears and realize this is a concern for people seeking care these days. Sedation, or sleep dentistry, is the perfect way to address these fears. Sedation dentistry has been the solution for many people to receive the care they need in a safe and comfortable environment with no fear and little to no memory of even being present at the office for the procedure(s).

Family Dentistry of Texoma is now the only General Dentistry office for over a hundred miles to offer the most predictable form of sedation sleep dentistry, which is IV Conscious Sedation. Traditional sleep dentistry involves taking oral medications, which work very well, but can be unpredictable in certain situations. By being able to inroduce the medications directly, via an intravenous line, the level of sedation can be tailored to each patient and each procedure to achieve the desired level.