How to make brushing your teeth fun for kids?

No to kiddos are alike and each individual will have their own likes and dislikes. Some children love to brush their teeth or have their teeth brushed while others despise even the thought of it. Those parents who are blessed with children who love to brush their teeth can stop reading now, however if your children are like my children then you need to figure out a way to make brushing your uncooperative childs teeth a fun event that they look forward to rather than dred. Technology could be your savior. Almost everyone has a cell phone that can surf the web or some sort of touch screen tablet like an IPAD around the house. Go to YOUTUBE and type in brush teeth, brush your teeth, teeth brushing and you will find a host of videos that it might help to play to motivate your children while brushing their teeth. I have provided the name of the video that my own children insist on watching every time they brush their teeth(Brush My Teeth Kids Song). Try the technology you are carrying with you everyday and you may find that your children do like to brush their teeth.